Thursday, April 17, 2008

I got accosted by this old man today. Okay a man that looked just like him. I went for a walk to the most terrifying ghetto (not in the cutesy.. teenager slang way, but the real hard core ghetto) Maverick in the entire world. The one at Main Street & 13th downtown SLC, with my cutie friend Brenda. After filling up the ol' 52 oz'er mug of mine and getting a pink cookie.. and yes a salted nut roll.. we started walking slowly back to work and these two men stopped us. One was driving a wheel chair.. the other was sitting in the wheel chair.
Old Scary Toothless Wheel Chair Bound Man: " HEHHEHE Hey ladies come sit right here (pointing to his crotch) and I will give you a ride in my wheelchair..heheehh (cough, cough) haha, (cackle, cackle) muhahaa, (choke, choke). Sit right here on my lap. (Points to his crotch again.. which is covered in unimaginables..)"
Me: "hehehahahahh oh isn't he funny. HEEHHEHEH silly old man..heheheeh"
Brenda: (gives me the shoulder shove) "NO Thank YOU!"
Me: ( I just got hit on.. whohoo.. I knew there had to be someone who had a thing for chubby girls) "heehehhahahahah silly old man"
Brenda: "Come on Jessy."
We made it back to work in one piece and safe and all and Brenda turns to me and says: " I felt like I was your mom out there, like I had to protect you."
You can take the Country Girl to the Big City.. but you can't take the country out of the city girl.
Hey.. he looked like a few of my relatives.. okay that's another blog for another day..


Kristy said...

It's great that you have such a positive out look. But really from one friend to another that is a weird way to get a self esteem boost. But hey get it where ever you can, right :? I haven't been hit on in oh let see.... never!

Jamie Lea B said...

Hahaha omg lmao.I can just see you giggling and saying that.Your right abt not being able to take the country outa a city girl I am the opposite cant take the city outta this small town country girl.Oh I miss the days like you just had thanx for the giggle.

Kristy said...

lmao! omg! Gross old men lmao even at that age they still think with the wrong head hahah!!! your just so hot they couldn't help themselves!! I would have been scared to death lol

Angie said...

I probably would've started gagging right in front of him! Sick!! by the way... what does lmao mean? I see it all the time and have been trying to figure it out! I know, I'm a bit behind the times... I don't do the texting thing. I feel stupid asking but it has been driving me crazy!!

Jessica Potter said...

LMAO- Laughing my ASS Off. :)

Angie said...

K- now I really feel stupid!! I can't believe I couldn't figure that out! thanks!

Jessica said...


*** said...

Jess- Its cousin Timmy here...I just put the biggest skid mark in my undies from a shart after reading that posted comical episode. Thanks for that!!! And thank you Downey laundry detergent!!!