Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trippin on Tuesday...

A few things that have me trippin this week-

1. Lame people who need to get a life, get off their high horse and mind their business. Aww the pleasures of living in Davis County.

2. Desperate Housewives is back on- I liked it, Gaby needs her hair done in a major way though.

3. This picture of my gorgeous son I had the pleasure of taking.. deliciousness..

4. My baby brother Timmy came home from his mission for medical reasons on Saturday. I am so happy to have him home safe. I love him so much. Roman didn't forget him either- he said "TIMMY!!" when he seen him and gave him a love and patted him on the back.. Have I mentioned I love my baby brother??

My freaking sweet sign me and my sister made..

Roman jumping for his Uncle Timmy!

My awesome family..

Roman catching a lift to the car with Grandpa!

And of course a home made shirt for my boy to wear!

5. I visited with my grandpa yesterday and he told me he wanted to give me something- He said he read this quote the other day and he wants all of his daughters and granddaughters to abide by this.. "Live your life in the way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan says, SH*T shes awake." LUCKY!

6. Buttons my childhood horse is missing. You know the one Roman gets to ride when we go home to Idaho- all the cute pics.. ringing a bell? I think someone stole her. The poor ol gal is 35 years old and someone takes her?? She was quite possibly the best horse ever and she has been in my family her whole life. My cousins and I spent all of our summers riding her and she is such a part of my childhood. BRING BACK BUTTONS!

7. Speaking of baby brothers...

It's Spencer's birthday today.. Happy Birthday Handsome Baby Brother of mine. I love you!

8. The VP debate is Thursday- Oh goody- now me and my friend Kristy E. will have something more to talk about besides our dinner swap.. (The dinner swap is working out well so far!)

9. My new hair cut! I am now the proud owner of an A-line/bob/short hair. Have I mentioned I love having a sister who does hair? Here is a pic below- I look so miserable- probably because I was in this picture- damn pelvic pain is really getting on my nerves..



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Isn't she delicious?

This is my darling cousin's baby girl- I was able to attend her blessing on a day that I felt half way decent and take her pic's. I also created her birth annoucement. I thought I better share because it's on my fridge and everyone should be so blessed to have a look of what I get to see everyday!

Craving Pickles??

Nope. I am not, but in case you are- never fear my son will share.
Roman got to go hang out with his cutie cousin Oliver last week- and Oli decided that the pickles are definitely greener on the other side..

Oli- "Wow, that pickle looks amazing."
Roman- "Really? Because it is amazing.."

Roman- "Why don't you have a taste."

Oli- "Hold on a minute buddy, this pickle is amazing!"
Roman- "I know, good thing we are cousin's and our mom's have given up on caring about sharing germs."
Oli- "Delicious."
Roman- "I know, my mom is phenomenal, and just happens to be the best mother ever- so all I do is make a teensie little fuss and I get everything I want- so go ahead buddy- she will get us more!"

Monday, September 22, 2008


Is there anything in the world better than having fresh peaches and real whipping cream for breakfast? I think not.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Because I am obsessed...

And to honor National Stay at Home Week" :)
Here is a list of my favorite shows that premiere this week and in the next few weeks:

The Office
Lipstick Jungle
Dancing with the Stars
Biggest Loser
Make Me a Supermodel
Desperate Housewives

Shows I love that have already premiered:
Gossip Girl
Project Runway
Tabitha's Salon Takeover
Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

And lastly- because I have TIVO, the shows I will be checking out that are new this year..

Kath and Kim
The Ex List
Valentines, Inc.
The Starter Wife
Worst Week
My Own Worst Enemy

Yes- I am pretty lame. And I need a life. But being home with pain problems allows me to watch alot of TV.

Speaking of- 24.. we are on season 4 right now. I am starting to develop a crush on Keither Sutherland... whom I have never found hot until I've watched him save the world...

So what shows are you excited for?

Monday, September 15, 2008

I am..

I am: the mama.
I think: for myself.
I know: that I am loved.
I want: to be healthy!
I have: to have a yard sale.
I dislike: my pain.
I miss: Brittan and Timmy.
I fear: something bad will happen to my family.
I feel: blessed.
I hear: Roman whinning at me because I am on the computer. He ignores me until I sit down!
I smell: brownies, busted!
I crave: POP
I cry: when I get frusterated!
I usually: eat things I should not.
I search: for the answers.
I wonder: if I will ever have/get more kids.
I regret: the times i have been unkind
I love: my son.
I care: about the issues.
I always: leave half empty pop cans everywhere.
I worry: about money.
I am not: skinny. I want to be.
I believe: in karma.
I sing: in the car when I am alone, really loud.
I don't always: take time to smell the roses.
I argue: with my hubby over his chewing ice habit, I despise it!
I write: to share my life.
I win: when I argue with Chuck! hehe
I lose: when I count my eggs before they hatch!
I wish: I could have more kids.
I listen: when its the prelude to a book tape.
I can usually be found: stealing loves from Roman.
I am scared: for my child's future.
I forget: to be humble.
I am happy: when I hear "Mama" out of a sweet little boys mouth.

I tag- whoever wants to do this. I really liked this one. Thanks for the tag Julie! The mother of the cutest little baby girl ever!

Loved this!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner Swap Anyone?

Oak Hollow Ward Girls-

Kristy Egan and I are putting together a Dinner Swap Group.

I am sure most of you know what this is, but for those who do not- I will explain how its going to work.

Each meal will consist of 1 main course and a couple of sides.

Groups will consist of 3 to 5 families (depending on how many sign up- if more than 5 we will make separate groups).

Each family will cook 1 night a week- this day will be specified at a monthly get together where we will make the schedule. The night your family cooks you deliver the food to your other group members homes.

The remaining 3 or 4 nights (depending on your group size) of the week you will sit back, relax and wait for your dinner to be delivered.

Obviously the point of this is to have 1 day a week where you cook and the rest of the week you get fresh home cooked delivered meals. Its also a bonus to your grocery bill because you can buy in bulk. Also a very fun way to learn new recipes and taste other peoples foods.

If you are interested please leave a comment on this blog or email me.


Jessica Potter and Kristy Egan

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In honor of my 100th post..

I have some good news.

I went to the physical therapist last night and she was able to figure out some interesting information- I have Myofascial Abdominal Pain with severe trigger points and SI Joint Disfunction. My pelvis is out of alignment 3 separate ways.. the left side was 3 inches higher than the right.. both of my SI joints are out and my pubic bone is completely unaligned. She was surprised I was even able to walk enough to get in to see her! All of this unalignment has caused some severe trigger points with in my abdomen. The worse of which is on my left hip(which is where my pain attacks have started). Apparently these trigger points will flare and cause inflammation of the abdominal wall which in turn causes contraction like muscle spasms that make your abdominal muscles feel like they are being wringed. She said that as women- and all of her patients have done this- the first thing we do when we feel this pain is automatically think it must be my uterus. It was amazing that she could tell me what my pain felt like before I even explained it to her. IT felt wonderful to get some long awaited answers.
She told me that the last patient she had that had my same condition had been to 30 different doctors and had a full hysterectomy before she got to her. Thank heavens we haven't resorted to that!

Some of the best news is that she is actually friends and colleagues with Dr. Howard Sharpe- the pelvic pain specialist I am waiting to get in to on October 29th. She exclusively handles his patients. She said he most likely would have done an exam on me and felt that trigger point on my hip and sent me straight to her for a month before he would see me again. So we are a month ahead of the game. I am so blessed to have received the referral to go and see her just by chance that my cousin Sandy and her husband Tim- who will soon be a PT, know her well and she is a family friend of theirs. I didn't fully understand what her speciality is until I got there and seen that she travels the country to speak on Women's Pelvic Pain studies. I am sure that Heavenly Father had a hand in all of this. It's like it all just fell in to place- I am sure after the pleading of many prayers.

She was also able to explain to me why it feels like my uterus is going to fall out- have I mentioned my regular doctor laughed at me about that? Well because of all the unalingment and twisting of my bones and in turn my muscles.. my pelvic floor is completely unsupported and messed up.

So my next step is to go to her for the next 6 weeks.. and try to get somewhat re-aligned until I get to see the pelvic pain specialist. She is sure that we will not be able to move forward with resolving my pain until I see him- as he will have to inject all of my trigger points with deadening medication so that my muscles will relax enough to really fix me. So yes- I will be having to take it completely easy for the next 6 weeks and I am afraid to say that I will be getting pain attacks still, and they might be even more frequent as we mess around with these trigger points.. but at least its somewhat a light at the end of the tunnel. Please let me know if you would like to get a business card for this PT. Her name is Cheryl Farnsworth and she really has brought so much needed knowledge to my situation. Lets just pray that this is the problem. I am feeling pretty upbeat today.. :)