Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas Indeed!

We had an amazing Christmas. Just to be together as a family and be healthy and alive is such a reason to celebrate these holidays. I just returned from a friend's baby shower who received the ultimate gift this Christmas. She was blessed with a baby. Like me this sweet girl has been literally through the ringer when it comes to trying to be a mother. After failed fertility treatments she and her spouse decided to try to adopt. She found a baby boy on her agency's website and just felt that this little boy was supposed to be hers. The birth mother was uncertain because they were LDS and decided to go with another couple. Well my friends grandma passed away this past week and before she died my friend asked her to help her get a baby here fast, well after her grandmothers funeral and en route to the burial, she had a strong desire come over her to contact the agency. When she called them, the birth mother had called at the same time and said I changed my mind, I want the LDS couple. Well that was on Monday.. baby boy was born Wednesday and is now home with my friend, an amazing sweet girl with a special husband and they are just over the moon and so thankful and amazed and just gracious.
When I was at her shower tonight I just could feel the spirit so strong and kept getting choked up with emotion, just understanding that God did have a plan for this special little family and that our family members who have passed do have a hand it what happens to us here on earth. Having said all this.. it just takes me back so much to what happened with us last year at this same time. When we got Roman we were just so grateful and in shock that you almost can not even think straight. Talk about the best Christmas present ever. Also at this shower was my sweet cousin Sandy who's little boy Jett passed away in August. He like our Brittan was not of this world. Spending time with Sandy reminds me to be grateful that we have the gospel in our lives, reminds me to never forget that there is ALWAYS someone who understands your pain, and never forget that terrible, sad things happen to the best people sometimes. This holiday season.. I am counting my many blessings!