Thursday, January 29, 2009


Apparently I am such a boring cook it
puts my child to sleep.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trippin on Tuesday.

1. This weather sucks. I want warmth. I need sunshine. I have cabin fever. EWww. Come on spring.

2. I am on the downhill slope to 30 and it's coming fast. I turn 29 this week. I have accomplished alot in my 29 years. But I want to accomplish more before I hit 30 next year. I want to be healthy- physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually.

3. Oprah yesterday. It seriously inspired me to heal myself in all kinds of ways.

4. My new shelving systems in my very bottom basement/storage room. They make me happy. Working on getting organized this week since Chuck is off work this week since he had to burn some vaca days. Its going good, except..

5. I got in to trouble at the doctors office today- for not taking it easy. It has caused me to regress some. My dang pelvis was out 2 inches. So now I am on rest requirements. 30 mins up max, then 30 mins resting. Not to exciting when you have a 3 page long honey do list you are trying to inforce!

6. My friend Shelley got engaged. I am so excited for her! I get to help with her wedding. Very excited about this. I love to be creative.

7. I am going to a Bachelorette Party next week! Yes! So excited. Going to Park City for a sleepover and all sorts of fun stuff. I might be the only married, mother there. So things could get exciting! haha!

8. I am giving 50ish pairs of shoes to the DI this week. I wish I knew another big footed gal out there that wore a size 11. dang orthopedic inserts. I'm such an old hag.

9. Facebook. I have caught up with some friends from way back this week and its so great. I might be slightly obsessed.

10. Swedish Fish. My little brother just brought a bulk bag from Costco to my house tonight and I can't stop eating them. They are nasty and gross and not on my diet. Intervention please.
11. I have been making Roman clean up his little messes he makes the last few days. Its so cute, part of my thinks it looks like child labor. Isn't his little grin priceless.

12. I got these awesome decorations for the shower I hosted this week at Hobby Lobby. Seriously. I love that store so much it hurts and I want to buy everything inside.

13. This cake I made for the party. Speaking of loving things til it hurts. I can't even express how bad of a dieter I am.

14. Like the awesome Parents that we are.. we FINALLY put together Roman's big Christmas present last week. This cute car.. He is obsessed. He sits in it all day. He reads in it, he eats in it, he drinks in it, he even goes potty in it, well in his diaper of course. He watches his Cartoons in it. He just plain loves it. I love it for that reason.

15. As you can also see. He has finally started to smile for the camera. He smiles so hard in fact that it looks painful. Its so sweet though. And he giggles. Gone our the stoic pictures of the past (for a while anyways) and now we are on to half closed eyes goofy pics. LOVE IT!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Since the invites are out.

I had to post a few of these because I am obsessed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is any one else dying to know???

Is anyone else dying to know what Michelle is wearing tonight? I was enamoured by her sparkly yellow dress.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

24.. hours that is.. at the Potter home.

The Culprit.

His Crime.

Or should I say crimes..

I wonder who was supposed to be watching him.
um... I wish I could say CP, But it was Me.

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

A lot can happen in 24 hours.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I just mailed out these cute invites for a shower I am throwing.
Have I mentioned I am slightly obsessed with Photoshop CS3?
After editing 121 photo's today I think I better get in bed and away from the computer.
In the meantime. If anyone has a good solution for the crib to toddler bed
transition please let me know. Or take my lovely precious son to your house and
teach him so I can rest. Naw. I would miss him to much.

I am not going to lie.. I am pretty pissed.

When I went to Idaho, I lost my Lancome Foundation #2 brush. I have had this sucker for 5 years.
I am offering a Reward if any body in Idaho finds it.
Just kidding.
Chuck said he would buy me a new one today though.
So i guess I should quit whinning about it.
But that's what I do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We like to Party.

We made a Quick Trip to Idaho this weekend.
My little sister is graduating from hair school so we had to have a party.
Because if you know me or my family. You know we look for any excuse to party.
I put myself in charge of decorating. Because that't what I always get put in charge of.
And because I wanted these really cute heart tableclothes from Target and so I told my dad we had to have them for Megan's Party. And we used them and now they are ALL MINE!
Sneaky Eh?
This is my sister. I also enlisted my father to buy her this pink Boa to wear at the party. Why? Because is there anything better than a Boa, that's pink?

Proof of my insanely large family. We reserved the room for 30. And 52 showed up.
That's how we roll.

My sister made a haul presents wise. I might try to accomplish something just so I can have a party. Well- I guess my birthday is coming up soon. Maybe I will throw myself a party since its my last year before 30. Sickening I know.

Tim, his girl Jess, Spencer (in town from Texas) and my mama!

My preciously cute Grandparents who I love the mostest.

Family Shot. Roman decided to nap during the party. The child that never naps. I wonder if one of my family members gave him benadryl because they know how precious he is in resturants.

In other news. We attended a birthday party a few weeks ago and Roman got to go swimming. He hasn't gone for a long time and seemed to have fun.
Roman and his cousin Oliver.

Running under the waterfall.

Just being insanely cute.

Loveing on his Mama and eating a cupcake.
I just love him so.

And I little tidbit. I designed my own business cards the other day.
Have I mentioned I love Photoshop CS3. Let me know if you want a few to share with your friends.

Amber B. I condensed my post last night to this one so sorry your comment got deleted last night! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trippin on Tuesday!

1. American Idol starts next week- Why I am excited.. I will never know- it seems each season is the same but I can't help myself but be a little giddy for some AI!

2. Why do little boys insist on blending the Play-Do color? Is this a little boy thing? When I was little and played with Play-Do I was very particular about mixing the colors and I tried to show Roman how we don't mix them, but he is does his own thing.

3. "The City" on MTV.. This is a spin off of "The Hills".. and I was not sure how I would like it.. But I reaaallly do!

4. The Snow- it's still snowing!

5. My house is still messy from the Holidays.. I did get my junk drawer cleaned a few days ago though!

6. MAC Eyeshadow.. specifically "Trax". Yummers.

7. My Sugar Detox.. I started January 1st and I am going until my birthday.. Jan 31st. I would'nt approach me with any favors until Feburary.

8. Obama isn't allowing ear marks in his new stimulus plan. Thats my BOY!

9. John Travolta's son.. How sad. My heart goes out to them. So painful.

10. My hubs suprised me with a massage today.. This is why we are married. He knows the way to my heart. He also suprised me with a mani and pedi last week.. A small part of me is waiting to see what exactly he is sugaring me up for.

11. Speaking of Sugar Detox. I have found the bestest little treat at night. AW Diet Rootbeer. It honestly is so delish and sweet and yummy and I have to have a glass everynight when my sweet tooth kicks in. I might even get some sugar free ice cream and have a float. Yummers!

Monday, January 5, 2009

As promised..

As promised. A few more pix of the soon to be Missus Palmer.
Now I must start the editing process.
I will include some after editing prints in the few days!
Happy New Year! (not fore me- on a sugar detox.)