Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recycle-Reduce-Reuse Part Duex


After some research and some new found knowledge... I got into contact today with Mountain West Recycling. Here is the skinny.

Normal Prices:
10 dollars a month for pick up of plastic, paper, aluminum and tin.
Cost of bins: 45 gallon-$20. One time fee and the container is yours to keep.
95 gallon-$100. One time fee and the container is yours to keep.
Service includes recycle pick up every 2 weeks.

Reduced Prices:
10-19 participants: 1 month free
20-30 participants: monthly fee of $9.
30+ participants: monthly fee of $8.

So can everyone please ask around and let me know who is interested. Lets do our part in making the enviroment a cleaner place!

XOXO- Jess

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brittan's Birthday.

Yesterday was Brittan's Birthday. Its hard to beleive its been just 2 years since we had him and lost him. I am forever a changed person. I love him and miss him everyday.
We went to Idaho this weekend to celebrate his birthday and below is a picture of his grave. We were happy to see that other friends and family had stopped by to drop off a thing or two to him.

Below is a video montage I made shortly after he was born. Thought I would share.

Happy Birthday little man! Your family loves you.

Chubby Chica's

Girls, today I sit here completely full and disgusted with myself as I completly overstuffed my face today since we are starting the Chubby Chica's today. So anyways thats besides the point. Just wanted to let all know that you are more than welcome to join us. Below is the welcome message from the blog author (Lacey). I am excited for my weight loss journey to begin and I hope that this time I get serious and really try to achieve my goal. So for accountablity reasons I will be posting my weekly weight loss and total ongoing body percentage each Wednesday after I weigh in. So readers... keep me to it! If I dont post it. Hassle me!
Okay enough about me. Below is the info so join us if you want to! The blog is private now so email Lacey if you are interested.

By popular demand, it's here ... the neighborhood weight loss support group! I'm flying by the seat of my XL pants - ideas and suggestions are welcome, all chicas are welcome! There are a few things we need to go over so settle in and enjoy!THE BLOG-This will be a private blog ... members only! If someone is interested, great! Just have them send me an email and I will get them on the list ( blog is only for people who want to participate (see Rules below).-This is not a competition. Hopefully you will see this as a resource, a support network or maybe just something fun to try.MEMBER INFO-If you are lucky enough to see this blog, you will also be lucky enough to have access to all it's functions! Wait ... having access to all it's functions does not mean you get to fiddle with the layout and colors and stuff. That will drive me crazy and you will be kicked out (just kidding, kind of). However, you will be able to write a post, post a comment, add a link, etc. Fun, huh?-If you want to post or comment, you need to have a Google account. If you don't know how to get one, let me know.-Feel free to post recipes, ideas, tips, suggestions, web sites ... whatever might be helpful.RULES & REGULATIONS-You will need to weigh in once a week, on any scale you choose, and report your results. We don't need to know how much you way, just how much you've lost or gained. Lost 1/2 lb? Report it. Gained 10? Report it. Accountability helps with weight loss ... so I've been told.-If you don't report your weight loss/gain for 2 weeks in a row, we will question your dedication and hold a private voting session to see if you are worthy for Chubby Chicas. Ok, not really. But if you're not going to participate, your login might not work next time you try.Sound good? Chubby Chica's official kick-off is Tuesday, May 27th, however, start when you're ready. Send me your email and let's get this thing going!p.s. This blog is going private on Tuesday, May 27. After this date, you'll need a login.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scratch That..

I won't be doing pictures in Idaho this weekend.
I am sick like. Yesterday I woke up with intense pain in my
abdomen region. Come to find out I have a dang Kidney Infection.
BOO-HISS. That explains the major fatiuge and just plain crappiness I have
felt for the last few weeks. Also though my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is really acting up and causing me a lot of discomfort. So
my doc put me on the Ortho Evra to calm down my dang ovaries.
Below is what it looks like. And yes that is my tummy. Aren't I so skinny
and isnt my skin so pretty?

Has anyone else used it? I am hoping I don't have the hormone hell side effects.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Want your pictures done?

I am coming to South East Idaho for a four day weekend. I am booking clients for photo's so email me if you are intersted.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trippin on Tuesday...

Things that have me trippin today.
1. Gas Prices. Up to $5 this summer. Can we get a government intervention here? This has the making of a national emergency!
2. Gay Marriage in CA. I mean seriously.. lets give gay people civil union rights and call it good. Some might not believe in it, but aren't we all created equally and deserving of the same rights? I mean shouldn't someone who wants to make a commitment to another person be able to? (I am prepared for the unpopular response to this one.)
3. Energy Solutions willing to limit foreign waste. UM NO THANKS. Get it away from here. I don't want my child anywhere near it. Um if an accident happens, how close are we to be subjected to the side effects?
3. Tiare(my friends little girl) inviting the neighborhood kids to my house for a pool party at the Primary Activity on Saturday. Its good to be loved. She knows that no matter what, there is always a party at my house!
4. The amount of hits I get on my page each day.. an average of 30? Where are all the comments?
5. Senator Kennedy having a brain tumor. Sad.
6. Dang weather for this weekend. Mother Nature- this is a call out to you- make up your mind- nice/bad/hot/cold. Ugh!
7. The astronomical amount I paid for the itty bittiest cupcakes yesterday. $2.00 each and they were seriously the size of a little itty bitty hostess cupcake. Good but not cheap!
8. American Idol tonight- exciting.
9. The fact that I have no interesting stories from Maverick this week.
10. And best of all! Its a 4 day weekend for me!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mouthwatering Monday.

For Today's Mouthwatering Monday you will have to go check out the pics I loaded to my RomaBee Blog.
Seriously mouthwatering delish!

Go check out the ones I added tonight. Fun. I must edit another 800 pics now so ta ta for now!

XOXO~ Jess

Go to my RomaBee Site..

Go to my RomaBee Photography site today to get a look at a few of the pics I have been doing lately. Hope you enjoy..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A project..

I completed my little project for my angel baby boy Brittan and his angel cousin Jett today. Brittan's birthday is May 25th so we will be going to Idaho that day and having cake at his grave and sending off some balloons. Hard to believe its been 2 years since the little guy was born. Even though he lived for just an hour he made this biggest impact on our lives. I look at the whole world differently now and I still carry an immense amount of pain in my heart. I doubt it will ever go away, I just learn how to deal with it more and more as time goes by.

Spring brings back so many memories of him, and the smell of lilac's will forever remind me of him. I know he is where he is supposed to be right now, with his little cousin, doing the lords work. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve angel babies through my Share Group. I get the honor of going to do hand and foot molds at the hospital of babies that didn't make it. It helps me to feel closer to Brittan and Jett.

Jett's 1st birthday is in August. Funny how they died just a little over a year from each other, Jett's mom Sandy is my first cousin. We have the only great-grandchildren in our family. 2 living, 2 in Heaven. I am so thankful I have her, someone who understands. Who knows the pain. I Love ya Sand!

The little boards above will have posts nailed to the back of them and we are going to stake them in the ground at the boys graves for Memorial Day.
I am proud of my little project and glad they turned out so cute!

A few things I am excited about today..

1. I pretty much had a free lunch. See the post below.
2. It is almost Friday.
3. Stir Fry for dinner.
4. Spring. The tree's outside of my office are lucious.
5. I'm feeling better. Been sick for a few days and I am finally feeling a bit better. Hence the no Trippin on Tuesday. Sorry friends.
6. I wore my contact today and its not even bugging me. .
7. It was a guy at my works Birthday.. yum.. cake.
8. The Office is on tonight.
9. My favorite girl won last night on America's Next Top Model. My favorite girl also won the Bachelor on Monday... life is good.
10. I am going to buy some flowers this weekend and work on my yard. Might not sound like something to be too excited about. But seriously. The Rawson's are about ready to call the city on us. Since I still have a "Peace" lettering on my front door since Christmas. Don't judge people. I am a busy girl.
11. My mom's birthday is Saturday. Even though I don't get to spend it with her. I will still be excited for her. We are going for a four day weekend camping in Lava next week and I get to spend a bunch of time with her. I love her.
12. An old friend from High School found me via facebook today. She emailed me and it was SO nice to catch up. She is such a doll still, just like she used to be. .
13. In 39 minutes I get to home and snuggle on my cute boy. I stayed home from work yesterday since I was sick and he gave me the best lovin. He is so sweet. I love being his mom.
14. The Primary Activity on Saturday. Its a BOM Breakfast and members of the Bishopric are going to be dressing up as key BOM Characters. So fun. Can't wait. Kinda can't wait for it to be over too.
15. OUR STIMULUS MONEY should come tomorrow.

That's just a smidgen of what I am excited about today.


Microderm Abraisan

My mom needs a model tonight for a Microderm Abraisian. Its the model price so its only $20. Totally an amazing procedure that makes your skin feel great. Let me know if you are interested.

Free Chicken Sandwich Day at McDonalds..

Customers who buy a large or medium drink today at any McDonald's in the United States can get a free, full-size Southern-style chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich. GO EAT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mouthwatering Monday... A day late..

Since Sunday was Mother's Day it was of course requested that my mom bring her beans. Anytime we have a picnic/BBQ/Potluck/Function everyone asks my mom to bring these.
I am sure the picture does not do the beans justice. As this was after they had sat out at the picnic on Sunday for a few hours. But just trust me on this one!
Point being.. they are yummy... they are tasty.. and I love them. I ate mine by using a Frito's scoop and scooping them in the chip. So delish! Here is the Recipe.
Use the beans in the picture below. They just make for a better bean.

Mom's Baked Beans

1 pound Hamburger
1/2 White Onion, Chopped
1 Green Pepper Chopped (key ingredient)
Saute above ingredients until hamburger is browned.
2 cans Bush's Original Baked Beans
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
Stir together with hamburger mixture and let simmer for an hour. Stir frequently as it is easy to scorch them. I have done it a few times.
Hope you enjoy!
XOXO~ Jess

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day in Idaho.

We spent Mother's day with my mom and her side of the family in Idaho today.

Above is a pic of Mom, Me and Roman. Notice the wind. Notice the grouchy look on my kids face.

See this picture of Roman. This is what he did the entire time at Church. Ran, and yelled, and was being a beast. I was so proud. LOL! We woke up at 5 am to be ready to leave at 6 am. I thought he would sleep in the car. But no, he was wide awake. And bright eyed.. and bushy tailed. And sooo yummy kissy loving delicious.So I forgave him for being naughty at Church. He has me wrapped around his finger. He gives the best cutest lovin.

Roman got big loves from Uncle Tim. He leaves on his mission in a month, sniff sniff. I don't want him to go! Is that selfish! I love my baby brother. I took some shots of him for his Missionary pics. So handsome. I will post later.

We then headed to my Grandparents Ranch in Inkom. Roman loved the baby chickens. Although he kept calling them "Dax". He also called the cows "Dax". And the horse "Dax" and the kitty "Dax". You see.. thats our dog's name. So aparently now any animal is a Dax.

Here Roman is riding our childhood horse Button's. He was really concentraiting as you can tell by his tounge. Serious business.

Thought I should add this pic I took. That is 2 adults and 1 teenager entertaining my child. Can we say spoiled? and loved.

Above is the crowd from the BBQ at my Grandparents Ranch. Believe it or not. That is only an 1/8th of my grandparents kids/grandkids. There is a lot of us!

Here is the the girls only shot. Except Roman is in there, as he runs the roost.

The best part of the day was going to the Inkom Cemetery and taking my Grandma and Great Grandma some flowers for Mother's Day. Above is the pic of me and Roman enjoying some time at Brittan's grave. He had just blew a kiss and put his hand on top of his stone. It was so classic and so sweet. Brittan's birthday is in 2 weeks! I still can't beleive its been 2 years since we lost our little one.

We had such a great Mother's Day. I got some sweet things as gifts and really just loved spending the day with Family. Even if they give me crap for loving Hillary. Instead of Obama. I still love them.

*Special note. I gave my Grandma the PedEgg as a gift. I tried it out. It is amazing. I WILL be going to buy one for myself tomorrow. ~ The commerical does not lie on this one!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I sure did. I got spoiled as usual and I hope all you Mothers did too!

PS> Watch for a good Mouthwatering Monday tomorrow. :)

PSS> Spell check is not working. Do not judge. Its 10pm. I have to be up at 5am.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trippin on Tuesday..

Things that have me Trippin this Tuesday..

1. These flip flops that happen to have been just sitting on the sidewalk at the Maverick by my work at 6:30 am. Why I go to this Maverick is beyond me. I think I am hoping for some adventure..

2. "The Conqueror" at the Mav on Shephard. Still rockin' the ".32 cents is your change, with a VENGEANCE". Although his name tag said Dan or something today. Maybe he reads my blog and seen I was making fun of him and changed his nametag. I doubt it.

3. That my skinny neighbor girls think they are addicted to sugar. They have NOOO idea! Yes you Lacey.. and you Jessica. Do you get sugar headache's? No.

4. Calling 911 on Sunday because Chuck and I both thought he was having a heart attack. Very scary. He has some strictures in the opening of his stomach that got irritated by one Kristy Egan's HOT-AS-HELL Salsa. But really, he has a hernia the size of a softball at the top of the abdomen and had to have his esophagus dilated today to try to ease some of the pain. He is also on some major horse pills. Yuck. Poor Guy! He has ulcers as well. Luckily nothing life threatening but it was a scary weekend dealing with the ambulance, ER and Doctors. Thanks to all my sweet as pie neighbors for the help with Roman and the well wishing! Love Oak Hollow Ward 4Ever!

5. Okay.. I know I have alot to stay about Maverick and everything. But when stopping at the one on Shephard today, I had a girl in a SUV pull up next to me. I ran in and then seen the total dimwit of a girl had unloaded 5 little girls from her Brand Spankin' New Denali and took them inside to get an ice cream cone and left her infant..around 3 months in the car. So decided to do a little stake out. She was in the store for 11 minutes. With her car running. With her infant alone.. and awake. 11 minutes is plenty of time for your car to be high jacked and half way to SLC or Ogden. Or 11 minutes is plenty of time for your baby to spit up and joke and die. I mean seriously. I was so upset. I called the non emergency Davis County Sheriff's line and turned her butt in. People are idiots.

6. The Trailer Park eviction in Bountiful. People were told on Friday that they have 90 days to find another park. After doing some research myself, I determined it costs an average of $7,000 to move your mobile home with in a 25 mile radius. Wow. Had they been told three days later, a new law would have required they get at least nine months' notice. If that is not shady business then I don't know what is. I mean lets get serious here, most people who live in a mobile home don't have access to funds in the amount of $7k. Let alone have the ability to raise it in 90 days. Just another way that the less fortunate people in our country get screwed.

7. The horrible comments on KSL regarding this story. People are immature creeps.

And total A-holes.

8. The fact that Trix, Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Cherrios, Kix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are on sale for $1.00 at Albertsons. Couple that with my saved coupons from my Sunday Paper we are talking .50 Cents a box people. They also have granola bars and fruit snacks for a buck-a-roo! Yee-Haw!

9. My Memory- The fact that I totally forgot about having a Primary Meeting on Sunday as well as the fact that I have to speak for 15 minutes in front of a crowd of Health Professionals at the University of Utah tomorrow for my Share Group. The speech is about my loss and the things that helped me, and things I wished could have been done. It is basically a training session for Health Professionals in infant or perinatal bereavement. Should be good. Will update. Wishing I was 57 lbs lighter about right now.. And I mean seriously.. do NORMAL people really forget about speaking in front of Doctors and stuff... NO! I need help!

That's all folks.

As for Mouthwatering Monday. Well, that went out the window a few weeks ago. I promise this Monday you will be very delighted.