Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Skinny.

Just got back from the Oncologist. Can I say he is the biggest JERK, A-HOLE, !**@*@ EVER!
(that is a whole other story and someday when you want to listen to this girl CUSS up a storm ask me about him and his lovely bed side manners and professionalism. Definitely writing a letter.)

Good news- the grown is gone.. not there.. the MRI shows nothing- even though the CT scan shows a growth- but the MRI trumps the CT- so good news I suppose.

Bad news- I now have to go to a Pelvic Pain Specialist at the U of U.

Even more terrible news- the specialist is doing a HUGE favor for the oncologist- by getting me in on October 29th. So what am I supposed to do now? Sit in wretched pain every day until then? I don't think so.
So I called my regular OB/GYN for an appointment for some help with which way to go.. what to do... a light at the end of the pain tunnel. I just want some answers! This is not normal. I can't even function half the time like a normal adult- or handle holding my baby for very long... or just plain sit up for long.. Sorry having a vent session here. And if this blog sounds funky- its because I'm totally drugged up right now! And so now I waiting for a call back from my doctor at McKay Dee for some much needed advice and assurance. Will update when I know more.

On a side note- THANKS to all of my lovely friends and neighbors and family who have been spoiling us with dinner-treats-babysitting-flowers and well wishing.. its seriously means so much to know you are loved.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just returned from Oncologist at The Huntsman Institute- He wants an MRI done in order to know what we are dealing with before he does surgery. Going on Friday to get MRI at LDS Hospital and have follow up with Oncologist on Tuesday for results. The pain has been very intense today. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks so much for all of your kind thoughts and prayers.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Health Problems..

Decided to let you all hear it straight from the horses mouth..

Went in to LDS Emergency Room on Friday with intense pain. After much testing they found a mass/growth/tumor (whatever you want to call it) about the size of a fist behind my uterus. I go to the Oncologist at The Huntsman Cancer Institute tomorrow to make a game plan. The pain is pretty intense but I am being spoiled and taken very good care of by my lovely family and friends. Plus they have me on some MAJOR pain pills- so quite loopy.. I will post an update as soon as I have one.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Twilight Party..

Hey Ladies! On Saturday August 9th at 7PM I will be hosting a Twilight Party with Amy Grant at my house. We will be gabbing at the new Twilight- out August 2nd. (edward my love.. I have missed you.) lol. We are going to talk about the books, eat, drink and be merry! HEHE. So please join us! It will be a blast. Hurry and read the book though because we will be talking about the new one!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trippin on Tuesday..

1. Stimulus my A$$! Ours finally came but is only $900 instead of $1500- because we got an adoption credit. Come to find out my farmer mother and step dad don’t get one.. and neither does my student little sister. Bummer.

2. Bukoos- for those of you who have not been to Bukoos- the discount store in Farmington- its about time you go.. We found the coat below for $12 for Roman. Its on sale for $64.99 at the Redskins store online. Same exact coat- both brand new!

3. The cover of The New Yorker. They claim its satire. I claim is tactless.

4. My 10 year class reunion is this weekend. I have been planning it and I will be glad when it is over with! I am very excited to see some old friends and just can not believe what has happened in the last 10 years. It went by so fast.


6. I have 2 friends and 1 cousin due in the next two weeks. All with girls.1 is technically over due to today- and the other two aren’t due for another week but are probably going to go at any moment. ALL GIRLS as well. I am excited to have some new baby girls in my life. I might just have to borrower one to get my girl fix!

7. I bought some strawberries last week on sale at Albertsons. I bought them Monday- I took some to work on Wednesday and they were rotten. I left them on the counter to return when I got home Wednesday night and they had turned to strawberry rotten soup. SO MAD!

And now my favorite part.. talking about my son..

8. He colored me a picture at church last Sunday- okay so it might not have been directly for me… but none the less he colored something to take home in Nursery- and I cried. I was so proud of him! It was so cute his little scribbles. Its times like this that I LOVE being a mom!

9. We have been super diligent about brushing Roman’s teeth- (he is still on the bottle!) and its rubbing off on him. He loves to carry around his toothbrush and give a few brushes and then continue to play or watch his show. Its so funny! I am slightly worried about the germs he is picking up on packing it around though.. good think I bought the multi-pack!

10. Whenever he is naughty lately he comes up and says: “Sorry!” but says it in a high pitched tone like “SAW-HEE”. He then touches my face softly and says “SOFFF.”. Then kisses me. He knows he can be as naughty as he wants if he gives his mama some loving. He for sure has me wrapped around his naughty butt little finger! I have got to work on the not laughing thing when he is being bad… ah.. maybe next week!


Monday, July 14, 2008

1. Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. I can't wait to see what people remember.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


7/16 at 8pm.
my all time fav show.


I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun on the Fourth in Idaho!

We had a really good holiday weekend. :)

We went to Idaho to visit my hometown and brought along some friends from Utah.

We started out by going to my Grandpa's and letting the kids ride my childhood family horse Button's. Tiare and Yasmin (my friend's girls) had a complete blast! We had to peel Tiare off after many rides!

We then had fun playing in the creek. Nothing like fresh cold water to play around in

on a hot summer day.

Yasi enjoying the water!

Roman splashing around!

Lehua playing around!

One more ride on the horse!

All dolled up and ready for the Fourth of July festivities!

My handsome boy!

Waiting for Grandma to come along and sing to us. My family had a political float so my mom was singing and my sister and hubby were throwing candy. Roman flipped when he heard his grandma's voice. It was very funny! He really picked up on the whole getting the candy that the floats throw. After the parade we headed over to the park for lots of games, food and fun. It was a great weekend and we were happy our friends could join us!

On a side note- Roman had his first big crash at the parade. :( He scratched up his arm and leg after sliding down a cinder-block retaining wall. Poor boy. The ouchies look way worse than they are but I thought I better journal his first big crash. Don't worry though- he was back to being mischievous 1 minute later. He has no fear I tell you!

I hope everyone had a great and SAFE holiday weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tagged- Highlight your high school friend..

I got tagged by darling Brookey- The premise is to highlight one of your friends from high school.

I am highlighting my bestest friend in the entire world Candice.

She is such an important part of my life. When have both been there for each other through the rollercoaster of life. She lives in California :( which makes me sad- but it makes me happy to go visit her. She is a wonderful Mom to 2 precious girls. She likes to shop- like me.. except she can shop in the kids section when I shop in the plus size. She is 7 inches shorter than me- so we look kinda silly together. No matter if we go a few months with out seeing each other- it always feels the same. I am as close to her as my sister. She knows ALL my deep dark secrets- even ones that no one else knows. I trust her with my life. I love her because she is so caring. She always offers to help, to be friendly and to do the dirty work. She never judges me and lets me be bossy and a control freak- ( she probably rolls her eyes at me alot though)!

She didn't have the best childhood or the perfect family life- but she has risen above it and is an extra good mom. I know I can tell her anything- and she will keep a secret. She is loyal to the ones she loves and she also has really good skin. I hate her for that- you know that nice skin that tans so pretty- that always is moisturized and never has zits.. (although once a Mary Kay lady did tell her she had acne.. we still laugh about it!) She is dead sexy as a blonde or brunette. She is petite. I wish I was petite. She has been asked before if she is Reese Witherspoon. I am sure after I post this I will be able to think of a million other things. But that is Candice in a nutshell. One flaw though- she doesn't check my blog very often so she might miss this- but I love her anyways! LOVE YOU CANDICE!
I tag- Kristy E., Jessica R. and Challis

Here is a picture of her cute kids..

Trippin on Tuesday..

Seeing that I have been out of touch with reality in the last week... or so. This is a special edition of trippin on Tuesday..

1. Baby brother Timmy has made it a week in Brazil. Miss him. Love him. I will update all when I hear from him today, should be getting a email to forward to everyone. For anyone who missed it- he called last week and wanted to come home- cant say I blame him- over 30 hours of no sleep, foreign country, no family and NO JESSICA- and I don't mean this Jessica- his girlyfriend Jessica. Poor fella. But as of today he is doing very well and enjoyed going to the temple today. I will post some pics coming soon I took of him for his mission. He is a stud.

2. Eyes Lip Face- So I am sure all of you have a silly old forward from a friend saying that everything is on sale at E.L.F. right now for 1$. Well its always 1$. But regardless I decided to give it a try- I got 30 items for $29.45 since I used a coupon code. Well first I must say that i LOVE THESE.............

For any of you that know me.. You know I am a complete make-up snob. Lancome only- all the way. Well lately I have been trying cheaper mascara when its on sale at Smiths- Combining the sale price with a coupon I have been getting $7 mascara for $2. Anyways- I LOVE these brushes- they are better quality than my Lancome brushes. They make me warm and fuzzy and all happy inside. The foundation brush is so smooth and makes my skin glow. The eyeshadow brush seriously condenses the right amount of powder and gets it just right.

NEXT I am dying for THIS..

Its a shimmery glowy all over goodness tube of divine yumminess. I have been using a teeny bit of it on my cheekbones and it just gives you that fresh dewy look. I got it in Pink Lemonade.

I am also loving the All Over Cover Stick- the best concealer I have had. The Foundation is smooth and dewy and has SPF. And the Shadow just rocks my world like a country girl. I got "drama" and its a good color for me.

3. I am trippin because I missed my friend Lacey's bean class. I really wanted to go. She was telling me of all the neat inventive things she made with beans- was in the midst of the family crisis though and missed it. Sorry Lace- Can I have a private lesson please?

4. The birth control patch- seriously girls- don't forget to put it back on. I forgot on Thursday and got a special visit today. Ugh. I know I know TMI.

5. How brilliant and smart and adorable and precious my little boy is. I honestly never knew you could love your child as much as I love him. He suprises me everyday with how smart he is. Like the other day I was eating cheese and he walked up to me and plain as day said "Cheese!". I about fell off my chair. I think I still think of him as such a baby. He answers Dora and Deigo and it amazes me how much he has grown since he was born. I love his kisses, and I love his hugs and when he pats me on the back when I pick him up. Even though he is busy and rough and likes to run my butt off- I know I my life would not be complete if I didn't have him. I love you Roman!

6. I gained 3 lbs on WW. Can we say too many family parties- farewell- comfort food- brother in town wanting local food- chubbiness going on? And now the fourth is in a few days and I am going to be naughty I just know it. Oh well the point is I feel better- I am happy- I am loving life!