Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Twilight style..

I am thankful for Edward.

***10 Things about Edward I am Thankful for. ***
10. His Accent.
9. His stellar hair.
8. His Pea Coat
7. His James Dean Sunglasses
6. They way he looks at me.. err Bella.
5. The above picture
4. His good values- A vegetarian Vampire?
3. His rockin hot body... and car.
2. His chiseled face.
1. He was able to control himself for pure love. ..

I am officially obsessed.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

24 Reasons Why Jack Bauer is the MAN!

1. Jack makes carrying a purse masculine.
2. He gets perfect cell phone reception, regardless of his location.
3. He's tough enough to withstand torture, but isn't ashamed to cry.
4. He gave Cheng the silent treatment for 2 years.
5. Jack can fly a plane and a helicopter.
6. Jack doesn't care what other people think of him.
7. Jack Bauer is always right.
8. He got Erin Driscoll to listen to him eventually.
9. He pulled the trigger on Chase. Talk about dedication to his work.
10. Despite suffering from Herion withdrawl, he was able to break Ramon Salazaar out of prison.
11. He broke Ramon out of prison in less than an hour. It took Michael Scofield a whole season to break out of Fox River.
12. Hacksaw.
13. He doesn't always listen to orders, because he knows he's right.
14. Jack hurt that annoying scumbag Joe Prado.
15. He killed the whole Drazen gang by himself.
16. He figured out to look up presumed dead people in order to find Saunders.
17. He can hold his breath forever.
18. His magic hoodie is very impressive.
19. Straight men have crushes on him.
20. He can kill people without using his hands or legs.
21. He asked for forgiveness before killing Chapelle.
22. He's "died" twice and yet seems to be in great health.
23. He trusted George to take the plane down.
24. Despite saving millions of people over and over again, has never asked for a thank you


Remember how the Father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding used Windex for everything.
Thats how I have been this week with this rad stuff.
I might need help.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.....

Have I ever mentioned that I am a complete Christmas FREAK. I love Christmas and everything about it. The music, the happiness, the beautiful decorations, the holiday cheer, the shopping and mostly the celebration of Christ's birthday.
Tonight with the help of my friend Danielle (she owed me a favor) I got a small part of my Christmas decorations up. My little brother is headed down tomorrow to put up our outside light and I am going to spend the next week getting the rest of my decorations up! Busy Busy!
Anyways- Below is my porcelain Nativity Scene. I love this so much. It has the perfect Joseph and Mary and the perfect little baby Jesus.

I had some major handy girls helping me decorate the tree this year. I watched my friends little girls and they had a major blast! Hua kept her little booty on that ladder all night hanging ornaments. It was very serious business- as you can tell by her face.

Yasi helping out.

Hua showing Roman the ropes.

Roman decorating like a good MAN!

Tiare helping too!

Danielle takes direction well!

Notice the top of the tree had no ornaments. Isn't it sweet having little ones help out! The bottom was covered in ornaments. Some branches were stacked 3 high!!

Danielle placing the Angel.

The finished product after a little tweaking of course!
What good help I had today!

The very best part of the night.. was when Tiare said: "Jessica, I love your tree the most." I asked Why? She says "Because it helps me remember Jesus' birthday." Isnt she a doll??
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Jack..

Did anyone see the cover of the TV Guide this week. It has a HOT picture of Jack Bauer. I could not find a image of it online so instead I made a collage. *Sigh* I heart this man. RAAAAAAAAAAAAR! Just 1 week until '24 Redemption' premires. Then the new season in January. Whoohoo!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Shaffer's.

This might be one of my most favorite couples in the world. Emily is hilarious, Beau grew up with me and their daughter is Roman's girlfriend.

Anyways. As a favor I did their family pics. I am still feeling like major crap and pretty much had to sit down on a chair and rest, then put my pelvis in and then complain through out the entire shoot. But what are friends for right- they love you when you are completely unprofessional. Anyways- the pictures turned out wonderful! They are such a good looking, great family and Miss Arden Betty was putting on a show. Isn't this child's skin amazing. It glows in person I swear. We ended up with 140 good pictures. Talk about photogenic. Below are a few.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sugar Rush.

Okay girls- I am officially detoxing myself from sugar from today until Thanksgiving. I can't even fit in to my chubby jeans. I need a serious intervention.

I think the imagine below is what my withdrawl symptoms are going to be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new favorite website.

Thanks to Natalie- the lovely blogger from The Bobby Pin- I have a new most favorite website.

It journals the clothing of Michelle Obama. When I used to be skinny I loved J-Crew- and so does she. I knew we had something in common.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The 44th President of the United States of America.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

:) Life is rough when you wake up on Halloween..

And this monstrosity is in your driveway..

We hosted a neighbor hood Halloween Party for the kids in our yard and it was such a blast. Of course I had to take a picture of my "Decorate-a-Halloween-themed-Sugarcookie" spread. I think I ate 47 sugar cookies.

And so did my son- well he licked the frosting off of 47 sugar cookies.. (notice he only has the bottom on to his costume.- he hates his costume- I on the other hand.. love it!)

The neighborhood kid's enjoying my domestic-ness.. Did I mention my frosting is home made and ohh so fluffly and delicious?

I just had to add this picture of my friends little girl Lehua- because she makes my heart melt. She is 2 weeks older than Roman and I wish they would give her to me...

I am happy to say the bounce house only caused 14 mild injuries.
This is my neighbor boy Michael- and his best buddy Ben. They are the cutest little friends and I just loved this picture!

I am pretty sure the picture below explians its self- but in case it does not- is there anything cuter than a little girl bat with crumbs on her face?

After the party we ate dinner and got ready to go trick or treating. Roman actually let me paint his face. His dad uses Q-Tips sometimes to clean out his nose so the entire time I was using one to paint his nose and whiskers he laughed because I think he thought I was using it wrong.. funny.
Below is Roman and his friend Sophie getting ready to trick or treat.

I could be slightly biased but isnt my little stinker the cutest EVER?

That is until he gets sick of the camera being in his face 24/7. I am pretty sure that is what he is thinking in this picture!

I hope everyone had as fun of a Halloween as we did!