Friday, January 16, 2009


I just mailed out these cute invites for a shower I am throwing.
Have I mentioned I am slightly obsessed with Photoshop CS3?
After editing 121 photo's today I think I better get in bed and away from the computer.
In the meantime. If anyone has a good solution for the crib to toddler bed
transition please let me know. Or take my lovely precious son to your house and
teach him so I can rest. Naw. I would miss him to much.


The Palmer's said...

Well I have found in my parenting that the crib to toddler bed ratio....HAHAHHHA I dont anything about that!!! BUT hey....thanks for editing those photos...YOU WIN!

Melissa said...

Wish I had some advice for you on the transition, but we are still battling it! I guess it just depends on each kid, but Dylan is very freaked out of having the door shut (even though it was always shut with the crib). Good luck!