Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My blog is rated PG!

That might be the most hilarous thing I have ever read! Yeehaw! I am a nice girl! Watch for a new blog about our California trip coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!


Angie said...

Hi Jessica-
This is Angie- one of Candice's cousins! I got your blog from Kris' blog, so I decided to check it out! I was reading your post on only having to wear one contact. You are not alone! My son Tyler wears glasses but only needs them for one eye! He is far sighted in one eye and perfect in the other. I think when he gets older (he's 8) he will only wear one contact too. Kinda funny!
You have a cute blog! I love the colors. You can check mine out- I just started in December, so I'm new at this. It's toddandangiekelley.blogspot.com
I think I remember meeting you a long time ago-
Well- good luck with your contact!