Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slighty Pissed about the Flu Shot!

Okay, so I do my good motherly deed and get myself, my husband and my child the Flu shot. Well it pretty much was the biggest waste of money ever because we have all had the "Death Flu" since Sunday. UGHGHGHGH!! I named it the "Death Flu" because I would rather DIE than live another day with this awful flu. We are all getting better and I HAVE got to go to work tomorrow, not to mention a wedding.
How disturbing is it though that I think i am protecting my family and spend my hard earned money to get a flu shot and we still get sick. Leave it to me to be in contact with someone who would pick up some mutant version of the flu that does not have a vaccine yet. UGH.

Seeing that I am a new mother, we have exactly 3 child dvd's in my house.
1. The Backyardigans "Super Secret Agent" 2. Wonder Pets 3. Lady and the Tramp.
Needless to say since we have been sick I have seen each of these way to many times and the little characters that I used to think were so adorable are SO ANNOYING.
Well besides Lady that is. If any of you are somewhat familar with the Backyardigans.. what type of animals are Austin and Uniqua?
Hoping for a flu cure...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today is the day!

Well today is the day I start a blog. Thanks to my lovely neighbor Miss Jessica Rawson I have decided to get with the program and also start a blog since I have been meaning to for ages!

Roman is walking.. defiantly not okay! Such a crazy man! He learned how to open drawers and smashed his finger for the first time yesterday. Superly dramatic! For me that is. :) He went to the Zoo yesterday with sitter/friend/neighbor Sarah Hickens and kids as well as neighbor/friend Amy Grant.

On to a major issue that has totally affected my day. We went to clean the church this morning since my dad is in charge of the building maintenance. We got there and our building had been vandalized. It was so disturbing to me that someone would come to our building and trash it and not even care. I mean come on, do teenagers these days not have any respect at all!! I know I did some stupid things growing up but I never vandalized anybody else's property, let alone a church, I mean get serious, God is defiantly going to see that on. Lucky the idiot who decided to do it left his PANTS (i know, right!!!what did her wear home) on the stage with his wallet and ipod in them. The Kaysville Police are after you now!! HEHEHE what a dork!