Friday, February 26, 2010

A few things I have learned this week..

1. Even kids this amazingly darling are just plain stickers. Potty training is not working out for us. He knows how to go.. he knows where to go.. he just can't plain be bothered. He has reeeally important things to do, ok. He is busy. He has to make messes. Today he did request to wear big boy unders all day though. There is something remotely wrong about when your child can bring you a clean pull up and tell you in clear English to change him. Not ok on so many levels.

2.. Even 2 weeks after nose surgery- it hurts like HELL when your above mentioned son bumps your recovering nose.

3. What exactly the surgeon did to my nose. See below. The nose surgery was a piece of cake. The tonsils are wretched. Still sore. BLAH!

4. I positively loved Posh's new fall collection. I heart this dress. I need to lose 100lbs so I can think about losing another 50lbs so that I can wear this dress.

5. Jon Hamm. Is the man. Of my dreams. Oh my, oh my.

6. Dreyer's Real Fruit Lime Popsicles are out of this world.

7. Jon Hamm needs to be my lover. End of conversation.

7. I can't stop reading the Go Fug Yourself website. Its downright amazing.


Holly T said...

Roman is so big I cant even believe it! I also REALLY want one of those popsicles RIGHT NOW. But I will wait until tomorrow. Never had one, but Im sure I will eat the whole box in 1 night when I pick it up.

The Yount Family said...

Who is this John Hamm guy and what am I missing out on? And what in the world is Go Fug Yourself? I must be living in a cave or something :)

Amy said...

Umm those popsicles look really yummy right now, I might need to send the hubby out for some! Sorry to hear about potty training. Logan never did good in the pull ups so I had to yank them and made undies the only option. It worked great for him, HOWEVER... whenever I send him to his room for a time out, he purposely pees his pants just to prove a point, or piss me off, maybe both. Don't give up on potty training, there is nothing more gross than toddler pooh!! Hang in there:)

Hogan Family said...

I could really use one of those popsicles, YUM. I hope your recovering well, that looks really painful. Go Fug Yourself? I must live in the same cave as Nikki.