Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a girl wants..

I know Christmas just came and went. I just can't help the things that catch my eye and make me wish and wonder and obsess over them for hours. Ok. Not really but kinda.

This Jenny McCarthy work-out system. I am sure if I had this I would drop these last 5lbs... or make that 100lbs..

This pretty duvet set from Kohls.

These Rachael Ray serving spoons. Splendid.

BoysIIMen are coming to Wendover. I must go to this concert. I MUST. Flashbacks to my youth!

This Shabby Apple Dress. Oh my goodness. Must get Jenny McCarthy workout system so I can buy the largest size of this dress.

This mix of Juicey Tubes. Yummo!

These darling Uggs. If you live by me you know I wear my Fushia Uggs nearly everyday. This is their 4th winter and still going strong. Sometimes the real thing just keeps going strong. I wonder if I could wear them in the summer?


Amber Bennett said...

Love the bed spread and the workout and the boots and the spoons and the...

Sheri said...

LOVE the boots. I think I really really need them.

Dawson/Dodge Family said...

Love that shabby apple dress! can we be twins? and those boots?! scottie hottie got me those for Christmas and I pratically live in them! Definetly a must :)

Amy said...

Love the Shabby apple dress! I think I might be the only one without uggs in Utah, I better jump on that bandwagon :)