Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Roman Spencer!

My little handsome boy is 3 years old today. Time sure flies. A few things about the birthday boy.

*He loves his family and is a little lover boy!

*He reminds me to say prayers with him at night. A sample.. "Hevanwee Fada.. thakful for dis day."

*He loves Thomas the Train and Lighting McQueen.

*Loves to splash in the bath.

*Loves to get the silly's out.

*Loves to paint.

*Likes to ride his scooter.

*Loves to sing.. "Life is a Highway"

*Loves to eat strawberries and pancakes.

*Loves to read books.

*Likes to look for "Deer" with Grandma.

*Loves to eat popcorn everynite with grandpa!

*Loves his Sophie.

*Loves his new cowboy boots.

*Loves his Thomas bed.

*Loves his dog Dax.

*Loves to go to Grandma's house.

Recent Roman quotes:

"Mama, guess what?.. Tomorrow my birfday party, with Thomas cake and Sophie and hats."

"It's vewwwy vewy dangerous!"

"Hold Mama's hand or the cars will run you OVA."

"Red means stop, Green means GOOOO"

"Now which way?"

"Mama, I hold you."

"Grandma, give me hugs."

"No, I not go pee in the potty, I wear a diaper!" (YIKES)



Lacey said...

He's too stinking cute! Happy Birthday Roman!!

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Roman!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Roman! You're such a cutie pie!

Hogan Family said...

Happy Birthday Roman, what a handsome boy!

Amber Bennett said...

SOOO Cute. Happy Birthday to Roman!!!

Rachel and Jason Palmer said...

oh sweet baby boy! happy late birthday!!!! miss you girl!!!!

Brook said...

My favorite is "Mama I hold you" that. He is such a cute little stinker. Happy Birthday Roman!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

jess, i love this little man. roman is so incredibly sweet,smart,and to top it all off hes a lil stud muffin
ardens lucky to have such a hottie of a boytoy!
now...we both need to get goin on bebe #2!! do it and i will...sereously how cool would this be?
happy birf-day roney!