Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warmth in the Winter

I just bought this on Etsy. It makes my heart flutter. I love it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The finish to a downright amazing day...

Saturday, October 3, 2009


My Top Ten Favorite New TV Shows Fall 2009

10. Community: Does anyone else watch "The Soup" on E!? I love Joel McHale.. he can give a good zinger right at the perfecto moment.. this is quite a funny little show.

9. Vampire Diaries: Ok, I must admit that I was pretty cynical about this show... like they were being parasites (nice pun) off of Twilight.. but I had to watch.. and I like it.. sort of.. I like the story and the super sexy Vamps.. but it has a little to much teen sexuality in it.. the whole "everyone is doing it.. its just normal.. attitude". It also SCARES the SHIT out of me! But alas.. I am a wimp.

8. The Beautiful Life: I liked it.. but America did not. So it got canceled 2 shows in, OUCH!

7. The Good Wife: I love Julianna Margulies, she does a great job playing the scorned political wife who must go back to work as a Junior Associate at a law firm.. great characters, great story lines. I loved it in the first 5 minutes.

6. Melrose Place: I was really reluctant to watch this.. I am not a huge fan of remakes. I feel like the new 90210 is no where near the original. I was afraid CW was just going to bomb this show. This is not the case. Kate Cassidy (the daughter of 70's pop tart Davis Cassidy), plays Ella, the witch PR girl and this girl makes the show for me. She is fierce and does not miss a beat. I am not so sure about Ashley Simpson-Wentz, her character has been pretty boring in the first 2 episodes but I am hoping we get to see a little more out of her.

5. Drop Dead Diva: Darling show, I really just initially recorded because I had to see the story of a skinny girl shoved into a plus sized body but a few episodes in I stopped being cynical and started to be a fan!

4. Eastwick: I really love the actress Lindsay Price.. so I gave this show a try and really liked it. The colors and set decor are whimsical and just make me feel all warm and happy and fun on the inside. :) I think that Rebecca Romijn sort of looks like a trani in this though.. not going to lie..

3. Cougartown: Oh my good hell Courtney Cox is hilarious in this show.. She plays a 40 yr old back on the scene raising a high school aged kid.. She has perfect timing and causes me to laugh very hard.. all by myself.. in my room.. hugging my tivo remote... pure on FUNNY goodness. Do not watch with your little ones though.. for this is a Mama show.. Give it a TRY!

2. MERCY: Have mercy on me this show is GOOD! I am not a big hospital show kind of gal. This is good. Plain Good. Real GOOD. Love Michelle Trachtenberg's character as newbie nurse Chloe and her heart of Gold. The lead actress is great as well. This show brings both laughter and drama in one little gold nugget of an hour. A++

1. PROJECT RUNWAY! Yes I know this is not "NEW", but my favorite show changed channels to Lifetime... so it sort of counts, right? I was a little worried about the whole Bravo to Lifetime change but thank the goodness of the producers heart.. its my same great show..

Auf Wiedersehen!