Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines Day Present.

A ring to remember Brittan by.
Isn't it lovely?

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Poor Roman is bored beyond words. His parents just don't do it for him anymore. So I googled around and found this FUN website. Tons of craft idea's to do with your 2 year old. Any other idea's people?

Or- if you someone could just find my poor child a sibling he might not be so bored. Anyone know where I can get one?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am to sick to give too much of a blog today. Since I have no energy to come up with something interesting to say- I will post a few pics from THE Wedding this weekend. I took 1800 pics. SO it might be a long-- loooong time- before I get them organized. But here are a few. I am itching for a little Photoshop time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trippin on Tuesday..

Disclaimer- before I can start this post- I must do a commentary about the critter, creepy, bast$rd, varmint I have had for a few months. I have been begging, I mean begging my husband to take care of this varmint, I have a fear of any type of varmint, rodent, creepy crawler. I think its a medical condition because I go in to violent spasms and freak the freak out when we talk about them. So anyways, we have had one. A vole/rat/mouse whatever you want to call it. I have questioned Chuck's manhood and threatened him on daily occasions about what would happen if this varmint was not taken care of, to no avail, I think I must be loosing my touch- he is not scared of my anymore. So anyways- I am complaining to my friends hubs at church on Sunday about this varmint, and low and behold- my Primary President was standing there and says, "Hey! My son Kevin killed a big huge rat at your house yesterday!!!". I said WHAT??? He did? She said yeah I think so. So I hunted this little stud muffin down and asked him- Did you kill my critter? At first he thought that I was upset- he looked worried and replied- Yeah.
I honestly hugged him, I think he might have been freaked out a little. But I had such a swell of positively the best weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I think I lost 14 lbs from the sigh of relief. Anyways- short story now turned in to long story- He is my new Hero. I am so baking him some Snicker doodles. ( I asked him his favorite cookie.)
He said the rat was ginormous- I believe him, I got a glimpse of something the size of a kitty by my recycling bin when I was pulling out of the garage. He apparently beat it to death with a shovel and not even a small part of me feels remotely bad about it? I think I might be loosing it. Eww. Rat. In. My. Yard. The Primary Teacher said they have had issues with varmints from the creek. If you see a for sale sign on my house- you know why. Ok- Ok- I am done with that. On to better things...

For my birthday- I went out with a bunch of friends to a place called Cedars of Lebanon in downtown SLC. Food was great. Belly Dancing was fun. Great friends. Just a special night.

Me and the girls belly dancing. Or attempting to. My favorite party is putting your hand over the top of your mouth and doing a little yodel. Reminds me of my Great Grandpa for some reason. I recommend hitting this place up for a good time sometime. One of my favorite parts was watching my friend try to figure out why these two girls were sucking down on the Hookah. Fun times.

Saturday I took my birthday money from my MIL and went to Real Deals. Its this great little boutiquey home decor store that has amazing prices. They are only open on Thursday and Saturdays. I really got some great, cute stuff.
Chuck's presents for me was some new valances for our kitchen/living room. They are still in the bag and waiting patiently to be put up. But I will take pics one day when I am bored and have nothing left on my Tivo to watch. In fact- that might be the day they get put up.
Saturday evening we went to the Japanese Steakhouse- A Jessica Palmer original birthday dinner. I have went here for my birthday since the first year we lived in DC. So like 8 years. IT was delish- Here is our Chef. I would put the pic on there of us eating there with my friends and family- but the way the light is hitting my chin makes it look like I have 8 chins and I refuse to post that on the Internet.
Maybe I should though- for some motivation to get with the healthy eating program. It seems I have had excuse after excuse with a festivity happening every weekend. I am officially in a rut.

My Dad bought me this yummers cake from Costco for my birthday. I ate half of it. You can't fill a cake with cheesecake mousse and expect anything else right. Note the double chins above.

Roman just wanted to touch the fire- great I might have a pyro on my hands.

A little randomness- Roman found a new hat. A Easter basket I bought on clearance last year at Target. He thinks its a hat- and who am I to burst his bubble.

He does have clothes BTW. I just refuse to dress him because it means more laundry. Kidding. He likes to disrobe!
On a final note- I must admit my husband did prove his manhood by dropping smoking poison bombs down the varmint holes today just in case there is anything left. And he replenished my Dt. Mt. Dew and Dt. Root Beer supply today so I guess he can stick around for a while. If anyone is still reading this I am sorry it turned in to such a long-painful post about pretty much nothingness.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Starting to get offended.

Two days in a row?
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